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After Sale Services

For items sold and shipped, we are not responsible for refund. If there is any items found to meet the following status, we will arrange exchange accordingly.

  1. The items are broken when delivery by the courier service provider, please contact us within 3 working days from the ship-date with valid evidence to deal with the courier company. Exchange will be arranged.
  2. If the items are expired or defected, please What’s App (852-6222 2680) the customer service department for exchange within 2 working days from date of delivery made. We do not provide exchange service after 2 working days from delivery made.
  3. If you wish to return for exchange, please ensure the items (including free samples and free gifts) to be returned are come with proper invoice and delivery note to request exchnage. We reserve the right to accept return and exchange according to the actual conditions of the returned items.
  4. If the products are sold in SET package, please return whole set for return arrangement even though there is only one or a few items defected.
  5. If the order you wish to apply for refund are delivery with free gifts or free samples, please return the whole package with free items.
  6. Please only return the items when receiving the confirmation message from the customer service department and follow proper procedures for return operating flow in order to make sure the return request are handled properly. The customer service team will contact you when the returned items arrived our warehouse and advise the new delivery date for exchange items.