Rosemary Floral Water

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Rosemary water is slightly astringent and is therefore useful in toning slightly oily complexions. Rosemary water is ideal for cleaning and care of oily skin or acne, smooths, cleanses and purifies skin, helps prevent imperfections.

The uplifting scent of Rosemary makes it ideal for use before time of intense concentration and the stimulatory nature helps encourage healthy blood flow in the skin surface.

The beauty of rosemary is valued for its ability to stimulate blood circulation. Gives vitality and beauty of skin and hair, regenerates and soothes the scalp, gives freshness care compositions. It prevents hair loss and dandruff.  

We find blending Rosemary in a low amount with any of the floral waters can help give them a little more stimulation on application.

Rosemary is very popular to use as a scalp stimulator which will encourage blood flow to the skin and can help with a variety of scalp related ailments as well as adding gloss to the hair.


Spray on the skin and gently remove with a cotton pad when using the floral water as a toner or lotion.

Can be used for body massages.

Not suitable for children under the age of 7.