eczema Moisturizing cream DIY set

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The eczema moisturizing cream is based on the following materials and proportions: Beeswax Pellet [12g] Organic Virgin Coconut Oil [15ml]Sweet Almond Oil-Virgin [15ml] Hemp Seed Oil [15ml] 150ML beaker [1] 200MM stirring [1] 25g aluminum case [3 】*The set does not include aluminum Case* How to make: Put coconut oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax into the beaker, stay with hot water until it is completely dissolved, take out the beaker, add hemp seed oil and mix well. Wait until becomesolidified. The solidified moisturizer will be slightly harder. If it is not easy to apply on skin in winter time, you can reduce the amount of beeswax to 10 grams. Otherwise, the hard paste will easily irritate the skin.

The set includes: 1. Beeswax Pellet 100 g (retail price: $65) 2 Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 100ml (retail price: $50) 3. Sweet Almond Oil-Virgin 100ml (retail price: $62) 4. Organic refined hemp seed oil 100ml (Retail price: $86) 5.150ML beaker x 1 (retail price: $20) 6.200MM toss x1 (retail price: $8), material cost totals HK$291, but now the set price is HK$265.